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Since Ahrens Hearing Center opened, our family has focused on providing honest care for members of our community.

For many years I was left out of the conversations and had trouble understanding my granddaughters and others. I had heard many sad stories from friends and relaitves about unhappy experiences with hearing aids, but I thought it was time to try. I looked on the internet and found a website that has been family run for many years, Ahrens Hearing AId Center. The site showed pictures with a back round of all. I decided to stop in and talk. When I entered the door, I knew everyone's name. I sat down with the owner Cathi, what a charmer. We went over my budget and other needs. Then I took the free hearing test, which was quite the test. Catherine showed me my exact hearing loss and went over my options. I chose a model which now has three settings. One for normal (I heard nature I have not heard for years), number two to help stop background noise in a crowd and number three to hear a low volume TV setting. I now insert the aids first thing in the morning and most of the time I do not feel them. Every few months you stop in for a quick check and a supply of FREE batteries. If anyone is even thinking of hearing aids, you better first stop in and see Catherine and gang. I guarantee you will be completely satisfied, as I am. Take it from an old vet!

- Leland R. McQuillin

Hawthorne, NJ


… Pull out your smartphone! They do just about everything these days, including being able to help you screen your own hearing. If you are not sure if you have a hearing loss a free app on your phone may help prove (or disprove) a potential hearing loss. A hearing screening app can do a basic hearing screening which may help to give you an approximation of your hearing abilities.

We are not fond of the “drawer” hearing aid that is the hearing aid someone gets only to have them sit unused for long periods of time - usually in a drawer. There can be multiple reasons why this happens ranging from simply not wanting to hear everything (some people just like the quiet!) to not getting a proper hearing aid fitting and everything in between.

Your eyes have not deceived you! Hearing aids, while very capable in compensating for diminished hearing, may not be the entire solution required to hear in some situations. Today’s hearing aids have come a long way, but there are simply some situations in which modern hearing aids, even the most advanced, cannot help you hear everything you wish to hear.