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Since Ahrens Hearing Center opened, our family has focused on providing honest care for members of our community.

As a college professor whose job critically depends on hearing my students in the classroom as well as my colleagues in various forums, I have been thoroughly satisfied with the competent and caring service at the Ahrens Hearing Aid Center. In fact, now I am into the second generation of Ahrens (now Catherine Ahrens-Berke and Daniel Berke) that allow me to have emergency appointments in their busy schedule and keep me abreast of the latest changes in hearing aid technology. Cathi is always meticulous in adjusting my hearing specifications to new instruments that are developed and allows for multi-visits to ensure that adjustments are precise and the aids are comfortable. If by chance, aids need repairing or replacement, the center lends you its stand-bys, so you don’t lose time in your daily life or in your profession. I wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend the Ahrens Hearing Aid Center. For me it has been more like family instead of business relationship.

Prof. Ronald H. Hayashida

Political Science and International Studies

Ramapo College of New Jersey


… Pull out your smartphone! They do just about everything these days, including being able to help you screen your own hearing. If you are not sure if you have a hearing loss a free app on your phone may help prove (or disprove) a potential hearing loss. A hearing screening app can do a basic hearing screening which may help to give you an approximation of your hearing abilities.

We are not fond of the “drawer” hearing aid that is the hearing aid someone gets only to have them sit unused for long periods of time - usually in a drawer. There can be multiple reasons why this happens ranging from simply not wanting to hear everything (some people just like the quiet!) to not getting a proper hearing aid fitting and everything in between.

Your eyes have not deceived you! Hearing aids, while very capable in compensating for diminished hearing, may not be the entire solution required to hear in some situations. Today’s hearing aids have come a long way, but there are simply some situations in which modern hearing aids, even the most advanced, cannot help you hear everything you wish to hear.