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Since Ahrens Hearing Center opened, our family has focused on providing honest care for members of our community.

I think people deserve to benefit from your expertise and your caring approach. As you are aware, I was in the market for a hearing aid for close to 10 years. I have talked to quite a few audiologists and researched the various hearing aids. It took this long for me to make a decision because I was not happy with the technology.

During those years, I have heard almost all kinds of sale pitches (from “your brain is just not use to hearing the sounds you now hear”, to outright bait-and-switch). You were different: no high pressure sales, just plain old customer service. From the tests you conducted, to the fitting process, and the service after the sale, you have manifested that even in these days of high-tech, the good old-fashioned way of doing business still works. As someone who is into gadgets, you took the time to offer your invaluable assistance in an effort to meet my needs. Thank you for making better hearing a more pleasurable experience.


Cash C.


… Pull out your smartphone! They do just about everything these days, including being able to help you screen your own hearing. If you are not sure if you have a hearing loss a free app on your phone may help prove (or disprove) a potential hearing loss. A hearing screening app can do a basic hearing screening which may help to give you an approximation of your hearing abilities.

We are not fond of the “drawer” hearing aid that is the hearing aid someone gets only to have them sit unused for long periods of time - usually in a drawer. There can be multiple reasons why this happens ranging from simply not wanting to hear everything (some people just like the quiet!) to not getting a proper hearing aid fitting and everything in between.

Your eyes have not deceived you! Hearing aids, while very capable in compensating for diminished hearing, may not be the entire solution required to hear in some situations. Today’s hearing aids have come a long way, but there are simply some situations in which modern hearing aids, even the most advanced, cannot help you hear everything you wish to hear.