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Since Ahrens Hearing Center opened, our family has focused on providing honest care for members of our community.

What exactly do we do here and how does it compare to alternate ways to get hearing aids? Read about it and many other aspects of hearing healthcare in our new guide!

I worked for Catholic Family Services in Paterson for 31 years and transported many senior clients to Ahrens Hearing Aid Center when it was owned by Mr. Ahrens. I was always impressed with his patience and how very good he was with his patients. Later on, when I needed help, I naturally went to him and purchased my first hearing aid. My brother and sister also bought their hearing aids from Ahrens. The devices were easy to use and he was always willing to answer any questions and help any way.

When he passed away, his wife took over the business and she was equally as good with the clients. Her daughter, Cathi Berke and grandson, Daniel have followed the family “tradition” of servicing their customer with expertise and great customer service. I have been going to them for many years, they always work diligently to find me the device that is best suited for me and I am always pleased with the level of their customer service. They take time with all their customers and do whatever is necessary to help that customer hear properly.

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You may have noticed our recurring theme, “where you go is more important than what you get.” In support of this, we will be posting some case studies reviewing different situations where the services we provide made a big difference for someone who was otherwise not using hearing aids they received somewhere else.

In this case, the patient had good quality hearing aids they were fit with somewhere else but never received the proper benefit from them. After repeated visits to her original provider, she came to us hoping that we would be able to help her hear better with those same hearing aids. Below outlines the problems she came to us with and how we were able to help get her hearing well consistently with those same devices. The names used in the story are fake, for everyone’s privacy of course!

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We are not fond of the “drawer” hearing aid that is the hearing aid someone gets only to have them sit unused for long periods of time - usually in a drawer. There can be multiple reasons why this happens ranging from simply not wanting to hear everything (some people just like the quiet!) to not getting a proper hearing aid fitting and everything in between.

Your eyes have not deceived you! Hearing aids, while very capable in compensating for diminished hearing, may not be the entire solution required to hear in some situations. Today’s hearing aids have come a long way, but there are simply some situations in which modern hearing aids, even the most advanced, cannot help you hear everything you wish to hear.